Online Roulette Strategies

Gamblers who anticipate outshining other gamers in a game of roulette have to research and learn roulette strategies that have been used before. Regular practice on the acquired tactics is a must for a player to learn the tricks and have them at their fingertips. Roulette betting strategies such as James Bond, Martingale, Alembert, and Fibonacci are among those that have been reviewed to work for players before. However, using these strategies does not guarantee a player that they will win every time. Players should be ready to make a share of losses amidst the wins. Individuals reading this review to the end will learn about this game wholesomely and pick a roulette strategy they can master.

Realities about Roulette

Statements that are true and have been proven so by the availability of evidence are facts. There are numerous facts about this table game; one that is common is that roulette is a French name which when translated into English means little wheel. Some of the other facts about the game that you probably didn’t know are:

  • The ball used in these games is made of plastic or ivory

  • The numbered spaces on a wheel are called pockets, and the small walls that separate these spaces are called frets

  • There is a fifty percent chance of winning in this game even when using roulette wheel strategies

  • The most played number is seventeen followed by twenty-two. Seventeen is centrally placed hence the popularity

  • All the numbers on the wheel add up to six hundred and sixty-six no matter the alternative being played

  • An earlier version of the game had only twenty-eight numbers

  • In this game, the house always has better odds regardless of roulette strategies a gamer chooses to employ

  • European variation offers gamers better odds than the American version

  • The game etiquette requires players to keep off beverage and food at the table. It is considered disrespectful to have a drink with you at the table

  • Wheels have three colors. The numbers one to thirty-six alternate in black and red pockets while zero sits in a green pocket.

All these assertions about the game are factual and have been used to come up with strategies in roulette that cover the necessary variables as supported by facts.   

Myths about Roulette

Numerous myths and controversies surround this game; it is essential for gamers to tell the difference between the real and false assertions that have been made to determine the strategies for online casino roulette that would work best. Some of the common assumptions made about this game include:    

  • Availability of a roulette strategy that works entirely to the point of showing where the ball will land

  • The lie that there is only one variation of the game available in casinos, yet the game has a decent number of alternatives that players can pick from

  • The claim that casinos rig their wheels to their advantage

  • Assuming that the house edge for all game alternatives is the same

  • American and European types are different alternatives for the game. Assuming that the two names represent the same game is wrong

  • It is said that if you start winning, you will keep winning which is not always the case

  • Roulette strategies are a definite way to win when sitting at the table

  • Roulette is not entirely random as assumed by many people

  • The results of the prior wheel can be used to determine the outcome of the next set

  • The link created between this game and the devil due to the sum of all the numbers on the table which is six hundred and sixty-six

These statements are often thrown around as being correct by many people. There is no evidence supporting these claims. Top roulette strategies do not rely on any of the fabrications above.


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Roulette Strategies

Over time, mathematicians and physicists have explored the variables in this game to come up with new roulette strategies that have been absorbed by players. Both online and brick and mortar patrons benefit from these strategies. Some of the common strategies of roulette that have been rolled out include:

  • Martingale

Martingale roulette system works on the approach of doubling one’s bet after every loss. This system is mostly applied on reds and blacks but once mastered it can be used all over the table. Even money outside bets are encouraged for this roulette strategy system. This roulette strategy requires that players have a huge budget so that when they encounter multiple consecutive losses, they can still keep doubling their bets with the hope that it will eventually pay out. The catch for this tactic is that one win will allow the player to recover all their lost money. The table below simplifies how this system works



Total loss

Total win

Five pounds


Five pounds


Ten pounds


Fifteen pounds


Twenty pounds


Thirty-five pounds


Forty pounds



Eighty pounds


There is a reverse version of this strategy known as ‘Paroli.’ It is a progression system that encourages players to increase their bets after every to win and reducing after every loss. There are several pros and cons of using either of the strategies. Players should be fully aware of the probable outcomes before they rely on these roulette strategies entirely.   

  • Fibonacci

Fibonacci roulette system was invented by an Italian mathematician who came up with a number sequence approach. The first two digits of a sequence are added to form the third number on the series. To get the other numerals, the two preceding features are added and their sum becomes the next number on the list. The chain is infinite. Thus, players should know when to stop when relying on this strategy. For roulette, this strategy is employed by getting the sum of the last two bets and place that as their wager for the next stake. When losing players can proceed with the sequence progressively, but when winning, this roulette strategy demands that players move back two numbers in the series and bet that. Fibonacci sequence can be used as an online casino roulette strategy by virtual gamblers.

  • D’Alembert

This strategy is named after a French theorist. It is considered to be best roulette strategy that players can use to play without incurring severe losses. The system is based on progression. After every loss, round players are expected to increase their bets by one unit and when they win the stake is to be reduced by one unit. The approach works like Martingale strategy only that the risk is toned down.

  • James Bond

James Bond is a legendary character who works for MI6 and has the code name 007 whose tactics have been reviewed to be among popular roulette strategies. This approach is a flat betting system which means that players will place the same amount for every round. 007 would put his bet of fourteen pounds to cover the numbers nineteen to thirty-six. Another stake of five pounds to cater to the number thirteen through to eighteen. His final bet of one pound is placed on zero.

These strategies discovered can be adapted for use virtually or in land-based casinos. Other online roulette strategies are being developed as time goes by.

All these strategies for winning at roulette may promise a player lucrative returns but do not always guarantee a win. Players should know when to stop when employing any of the strategies to avoid overspending. Chances that a player will win using these roulette tactics are equal to those they will have at losing.


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